Early in my art quilting education, I experimented with fabric dyeing and began using my dyed fabric in finished art pieces.  I received so much positive response from my fabrics that I decided to make a business of it in 2014.  Much like the “paper rags” peddlers of the early to mid-1900s who trolled city neighborhoods buying old fabric to recycle, I began by gathering vintage table linens, dyeing them in solid colors and blends.

I still use a significant amount of vintage linens, trims and doilies, along with an increasing amount of new, off-the-bolt cottons, linens and silks.  I use Procion dyes, along with plant dyes from my five acre property in Southeast Ohio.  My fabrics may be used in just about any way the buyer chooses: traditional and art quilts, clothing, dolls, bags, purses, anything that you sew!