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More ICAD, from 2018

A quick post today… I have made some progress filling in the missing cards in my attempt at the 2018 index-card-a-day challenge.  Again, some days, I made a card like I was supposed to, other days, I skipped.  Sometimes I didn’t make the time to do the card, other days I just didn’t want to deal with the prompt.  Now, over a year later, I am determined to make something for all of the prompts.

Week three prompts were sea green, super hero, path, suitcase, legend, “greetings from” and treasure.  I especially like how that “greetings from” card turned out.  That one was inspired by vintage large letter postcards.

Week four was sky, castle, the Jetsons, tangerine, meerkat, magic carpet and garden.  Will I keep this momentum going?

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Autumn Postcard from My Corner of the World

I meant to get a post out on Tuesday.  I also had intentions of working on a promotional letter for a trunk show, or one of several ideas for classes.  In a corner rests a pile of things I wanted to take pictures to put on my forthcoming online store.  None of that happened.

I took what was to be a short walk to clear my head, and I stopped halfway up the hill to admire some fallen sassafras leaves.

While wandering in the woods, I gathered a bucket of sticks for kindling in the wood burner, and found a few twigs with lichen encrusting them, and I studied the ruffles wrapping around the sticks a bit too long.  At the top of the hill, I watched a couple of deer munching on acorns for a while, and then turned back to the west and watched the sunset in horizontal ribbons of blue-gray, peach and orange, striated vertically by the dark outlines of the trees.

After dark, I lit a candle in a pumpkin that volunteered in my garden this year and I carved a couple days ago, watching the flickering light while sipping on some hot cider.

I don’t feel that I wasted any time.

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Other Creative Paths

Creative stitching has not been happening in my world lately.  I’m trying not to get too worked up over this, as the days have gone by and I cannot get them back.  However, I have been creative in other ways – food.  Last week at my nearby produce auction, I purchased two gigantic heads of Chinese cabbage.  So far, I have made wonton soup (heavy on the cabbage), started a batch of kimchi (something I have always wanted to try making) and homemade egg rolls.  I still have one head of cabbage.  The soup and egg rolls were delicious, the kimchi has to ferment some days longer.  I don’t know what I will do with the second head, I must get to it quickly.  So my creative energy has gone in a different direction, much to the delight of my taste buds.  There is no reason why creativity shouldn’t affect all aspects of our lives.

Looking forward, I still have not picked up my goal of finishing the index-card-a-day challenges from 2018 and 2017.  I’m not going to go into great depths into this project here, other than to report my progress.  Here are the first two weeks from 2018, I managed to keep with the challenge at the time.

Prompts: roller coaster, fireworks, tilt-a-whirl, Ferris wheel, line/queue, carousel, haunted house.

Prompts: zebra, chevron, trap door, coffee or tea, magic wand, cobblestone, flamingo.

I managed to complete four of the cards for week three when I was supposed to (summer 2018).  Will I get the remaining three cards done by next Tuesday?


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Travel Journal – Granville, Ohio

Last week, my excuse for not posting was getting ready for a quilt show, this week, I’ve been recovering from it, mostly trying to put all of my inventory out of the way for the winter.

My trip to Granville started out with a journey an hour in the opposite direction to the Kreinik Threads factory and outlet store.  I am pleased to announce that I will have a selection of their unusual metallic threads, silk threads and scissors at future shows.  I always like to stitch out samples of the things that I sell, and at the outlet store, I found a sampler set of some of each of their threads.  Over next couple of months, I will be “testing” and reporting on each thread here.  I bought some things to take to Granville, and some other things for myself.

Then it was on to the last quilt show of 2019 for me, the biennial Heart of Ohio guild show, held on the grounds of the Bryn Du Mansion.  The house and grounds has an interesting history, more may be read here.   I was most pleased to see that one of the buildings is being used for a community arts center.  I will be looking into getting involved there in the future.

While the quilt show was good, I had some great food over the weekend.  In Heath, Ohio, I recommend Bombay Garden (delicious Indian cuisine) and in Granville, Mai Chau for equally delicious Vietnamese food.  I do not want to wait two years for the next quilt show there to go back to those two restaurants.  I’ll have to find some other excuses to head that way sooner.

The show was a successful one for me, thank you to everyone who bought fabric and thread from me.  Welcome to my blog, too!  I had a few ideas presented to me over the weekend, and I am working on developing them more.  One of these ideas was coming to a guild meeting with some of my wares to sell.  If you belong to a guild that might be interested, please contact me to schedule for 2020.

Next week, more on metallic threads and those index cards – they just won’t go away!