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Stitching in Circles

So much for getting an 8 X 10″ done quickly!  The fabric in the center of this little project has a pattern of various size circles woven into it, and I am highlighting those circles with stitching:

Of course, I am already running into a problem I encounter with nearly every art quilt I make: how and when do I quilt it?  The more embellishing that goes on the quilt, the more I have knots and  other thread mess on the back, but I have to add a backing and quilt through it at some point without destroying the embellishing or the sewing machine in the process.  Maybe through using these little quilts as experiments, I will finally come to a technique to solve my quilting issues.

I love this color combination, and I am thinking about making some Creative Kits with it soon.  It captures the aqua blue of the robin’s eggs that I always find this time of year, the purple of the wisteria blooms outside of my bedroom window and the bright greens of the springtime hayfields all around me.