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Woven, Not Stitched

Yes indeed, I found the loom that I mentioned in my last post, and I remembered enough about it to start a woven… something:

I’m not sure what else to say about this weaving adventure at this point.  I’m stuck, I don’t remember how to secure the loose ends on both the warp and weft.  The loom came with an instructional DVD, and I need to watch it again to figure out how to finish what I started.  It has been unseasonably warm here, so I have not wanted to sit and watch, I have been picking daffodils, pulling weeds and sitting out on the porch with some hand stitching.  As for what my plans are for the weaving, I am envisioning using the pieces as embellishment appliques.  I could use a few small pieces separately, or put together several strips to make one bigger piece and use them in a fabric collage.  Up next on my stay-at-home punch list, sewing with candy wrappers.  Curious?  Find out all about it on Tuesday.