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Random Little Things

This week has been one of weed pulling in my gardens and very little stitching.  Mundane chores can be turned into lessons in creative inspiration and observation.  It is all about training your mind to notice details and how to capture those details that delight you and share them with others through your chosen way of expression, be it visual art, writing or music.  I find inspiration all the time.  Right now there are tiny spring flowers blooming in my yard and I want to capture them forever in stitches.


While doing my outdoor chores, I discovered these robin eggs in the grass along my driveway.  I now want to come up with some dye color combinations starting with this lovely shade of turquoise.

Robin eggs

I’m also wondering about the eggs themselves.  Did they fall out of a nest in a wind gust?  Or where they picked out of the nest by blue jays looking for a meal?  Thinking creatively also includes asking questions, and wondering the story behind a place or object.

Art and design weaves through just about every aspect of our lives.  Sometime ago, I remember reading somewhere that, “going to the gas station should be an aesthetic experience.”  Unfortunately, I do not recall the source of that statement, but there are places, buildings and signs that command our attention.  What is is about the things that turn your head?  Are there common design elements?  Identify them and use them in your art.