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Lovely New Threads

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I have done it again, the end of last week has rolled into the end of this week, and I promised to talk a bit more about House of Embroidery perle cotton threads.  It might be better to share what I am playing with this week:

Don’t those look luscious?  The words luminous, splendid, brilliant and elegant also come to mind.  They are a delight to stitch, take a look at this little sample:

This is definitely the librarian/archivist coming out in me, I am starting to stitch out a series of postcards that will have a line (in chain stitch) of every single color.  I will have these threads at upcoming quilt shows, and the company allows retailers to create custom color combinations!  As I have been working on my own color blends of dyed fabric, the ability to have matching thread packages is wonderful news for me.