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Time Flown Away

Where is 2019 going?  It is April 2, and I am looking at my list of goals and looking for evidence of progress.  I am not finding it.  Sadly, I have missed all of my planned entry deadlines, but I still intend on finishing the collages that I started or planned… someday.

I have written about this before, but I will keep bringing it up, being creative is not easy.  I struggle to balance creative time with everything else in my life, and the creative time itself does not always go well.  Most of the fabric collages that I make go through an incredibly ugly stage that I have to fight through to keep working on them, and eventually, they usually work out in the end.  When I reach that halfway point, it is a huge challenge for me to keep going, and I often have to put the piece aside for a while.  This leads to missed goals and deadlines, but I am not letting it discourage me from learning more and trying to continue in my creative journey.

While I am grumbling about my lack of progress this year, I must address my plan to create an 8 x 10″ art quilt each week for the year.  No, that project is not going as planned.   I have managed to finish this little riot of texture:

Pink and Brown Something

I am going to revamp this project slightly.  In hopes of helping myself with this goal, I am going to attempt to give myself more direction and go back to the projects that I have flagged in my collection of Quilting Arts magazine, and use those as a means to create the 8 x 10s and reach two goals at once – the regular production of small pieces and trying all those techniques that piqued my creative mind.  I’m off to figure out the first project.  I think I will start with the earliest issue.